1PP deserves better: Edmonton, AB, Canada

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1PP deserves better: Edmonton, AB, Canada

Post by antiope_herself » Sun May 06, 2018 7:56 pm

My family has had Speedy since the summer of 2009. He's a very active crab [hence the name], but I've been increasingly concerned about him as I grow older and more aware of the dismal conditions he's living in. Neither of my parents nor siblings have the time or motivation to take care of him, and I've decided it would be best for his welfare to have him re-homed. None of us were equipped for handling an exotic pet, and I'm honestly amazed he's lived this long.

Speedy does not currently have proper heating, and no tank-mates [nobody realized they were molting until after he had eaten them]. He's mostly fed fruit and vegetables like lettuce or strawberry, and does have proper water and humidifying conditions. He has never been properly submerged for a molt, likely because he doesn't have sufficient substrate depth, and has rarely been given any calcium supplements like cuttlebone. He hasn't changed his shell in years mostly because we haven't found any big enough for him, with him being about the size of a mandarin orange. We did a bad job taking care of him, and I figure he deserves better than to be mistreated until he dies.

Speedy comes with a 10 gallon tank, his assorted dishes and toys, water conditioner, and Exoterraria Monsoon RS400 automatic mister.

I'm located in Edmonton, Alberta. Generally I'm able to travel about 100km outside of the city, but this can be changed depending on circumstances.

General fee is 50 dollars but this is negotiable.

Please contact me at toesarestrange[at]gmail.com if you're interested in my boy.

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