2 Med. PP to rehome near Rockford Illinois

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2 Med. PP to rehome near Rockford Illinois

Post by jackloss » Fri Aug 03, 2018 1:22 pm

Location (nearest large city, state, country): Near Rockford Illinois, within a half hour of the southern Wisconsin border

How Far Will You Travel?: Willing to discuss

Would You Be Willing to Ship? (Applicable in the USA Only): Unable to ship

Number of Crabs, Size of The Crabs, and Species If Known: 2 medium sized Purple Pinchers

Supplies and Tank That Are Included (If Any): Including near complete set up. 20 gallon long glass tank, two dishes for salt and fresh water, small dish for food. Currently is filled with aprx. 6" of playsand which will have to be removed to transport and be replaced at adopters expense. Plenty of shells in the right sizes, with a couple that are not, mostly in the style they prefer. They would benefit from more choices but that's because they are incredibly picky. Some dried moss is in the setup now will be included, as well as a couple fake plants and a hide. Tank has a grated metal lid and setup includes a night heat bulb which i use as needed in the summer as well as one lamp fixture, although in the winter they do better with a day bulb on all the time during daylight hours and the night bulb at night. Plenty of food mixes, water conditioner, and a smaller amount of instant ocean, calcium supplement and snacks. They have a medium Kritter Keeper with a nice lid for the trip home, some brushes and tank decorations that are not currently in the setup. The only essentials they are lacking is a temp humidity gauge and a pressure mister, as well as the substrate that will have to be replaced

Adoption or Supply Fee Being Asked (If Any): Asking $70 for both including all supplies

I Would Like to Be Contacted By - Email - or - PM - . jackilynhaseeman[at]gmail[dot]com

Any Other Information: Their names are Groby and Connor, Groby is the slightly larger one. I've had Groby for 6 years and Connor for 5. I got Connor after Groby was left alone in the previous setup and needed a buddy. Been together ever since, no real issues. On occasion either right before he molts or if he cant find a comfortable shell Groby can get a bit grumpy and take it out on his little bro. He never hurt him but will lunge at him and chase him around. If I notice this behaviour (which is abnormal) I isolate Groby for a couple days with lots of appropriate sized shells, wait until he picks one that he likes, and a day later he usually mellows out and is fine to go back with his brother. (I should mention the sex of both is unknown, I have just always called them boys)

I'm rehoming because I've been unable to properly care for them as of late. They deserve far better than what I am giving them. I also recently had to move, and am unable to bring them with me, therefore they need a new loving home ASAP. Their health is not pristine, but they are doing alright. Im looking to get rid of everything, hence the higher fee. If you already have a setup and supplies just please take their stuff and do whatever with it. The tank is in very good condition and you could probably use it for something else, it is made as an aquarium not a critter tank.

pictures of the crabs upon request, I try not to bother them if I don't need to, but I do have pictures of everything else which i will try to post here but can email you if i cant figure it out.

please someone take my little guys, I love them a lot, but life circumstances have changed and Im just not able to give them the best anymore. They absolutely deserve the best.

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