4 smaller rescued PPs, Jersey Shore, NJ

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4 smaller rescued PPs, Jersey Shore, NJ

Post by gwildlifeguy » Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:26 pm

Hi everyone!

We took in 4 smaller PPs, as a rescue situation....they were not receiving proper care in their former home. Would love to find someone to add these little guys to their crabitat!

Thank you!

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Re: 4 smaller rescued PPs, Jersey Shore, NJ

Post by Overmountain1 » Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:14 pm

Hi! It might take some figuring out, and maybe an assist from someone else to transport, although I am willing to drive up to 4 hours or so, more if absolutely necc. I would be interested in at least 2, I have a 10 gallon, with two small-med PPs. I don’t want to overcrowd of course; I’d take them all on if they aren’t super big guys and gals! I’m planning a really cool crabitat with a custom tank. It’s kind of what me and my husband do (build stuff) so even tho it seems like a lot temporarily, it won’t be for long!

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Re: 4 smaller rescued PPs, Jersey Shore, NJ

Post by OvermountainLucy » Fri Feb 08, 2019 8:10 pm

Ok so I need to edit this to add; I finally found the sizing guide for the crabs, and I actually have a micro and a teeny- oh my! Lol but as far as I know a couple of small ones would mean they should still have plenty of room and ‘personal space’ as it were lol. Anyway, I’m excited and happy to help :clap: if we can make an exchange. I wonder, I know there are a lot of cat and dog adoption places, usually breed specific rescue, who keep volunteers on call in case a rehoming needs to happen, to keep them off planes etc. Well, I’m thinking, Why can’t we do something similar for our crabs on here? :o I don’t think I could even start to take that on myself, BUT I WOULD be willing to assist a more experienced member if they want to try to get one going here too! Anyway, just a thought for all,
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