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1 Large Hermit Crab in Omaha Nebraska

Posted: Fri Nov 15, 2019 6:01 pm
by caponey26
I need to rehome my hermit crab, Norman. He is fairly large, in a shell about the size of a small lime. I have had him for 3 years, but he is living alone now and I feel bad that he doesn't have other crabby friends. I am in Omaha, Nebraska and would be willing to travel up to about 2 hours for the right home. I am new to this board, so if I did this wrong, please let me know. Thank you!

Re: 1 Large Hermit Crab in Omaha Nebraska

Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2020 11:45 am
by zoenightshade
I'm looking to start my own hermit crab family. Since I'm new to this I was wondering if I could see how you have his habitat set up at home if you're comfortable with that. I also live in Omaha, Nebraska. After Norman and I got comfortable together I would probably introduce one or two new crabs to Norman. Also, would Norman come with his own habitat or would you like me to buy him a new terrarium and all that that entails?