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CALI, LA COUNTY, city of Walnut, one small crab needs a home

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2020 2:22 am
by celinamei
Hi there!
I have 1 small hermit crab in need of a home! Was originally purchased at petco, I know not good :( unfortunately it is in a painted shell it hasn't change out of it yet. It used to have a buddy but the buddy passed, and I am not interested in getting my crab a new buddy, therefore I am re-homing. I will provide a block of eco-earth. A food mix (dried veggies, dried fruits, chia seeds, bee pollen, oats) and a mix of dried protein high foods (river shrimp, mealworms etc). I will also provide a small bottle of saltwater solution and heating pads, a hydrometer and a thermometer. Vines, fake plants, and other climbing toys. Water bowls and a food dish. Also ten empty crab safe shells. I am deciding to kept the aquarium itself. If you will only take the crab if I give you the whole enclosure, aka the tank that can be done. Preferable you already have an enclosure and some crabs.

I am in the city of Walnut, willing to drive to nearby cities (pomona, diamond bar, chino hills, etc.) or we can meetup at a park. This will be a social distancing exchange (wear masks).

Please I really want to give this guy a new happy and healthy home ASAP.

Re: CALI, LA COUNTY, city of Walnut, one small crab needs a home

Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2020 9:22 pm
by anniee.c
Hi, I was wondering if it is a PP or E. Also I'm located in Chino Hills.