2020 Shipping Moratorium

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2020 Shipping Moratorium

Post by HCADirectors » Tue Aug 25, 2020 1:58 pm

Due to the unprecedented challenges facing delivery services in the US, the HCA is officially supporting a pause on mailing hermit crabs at this time. While we have never been against sending hermit crabs through the mail when done so properly and safely, the volume the delivery companies are dealing with and the massive delays that are occurring has made it a very dangerous time to ship any live animal. As the weather starts to cool across the US and people may be planning on sending or ordering hermit crabs again, we feel we must issue a warning and state that it is not worth the extra risks right now. The news has reported on the massive losses of chicks and feeder insects, but other pet communities have been talking about extreme losses and extended delivery days for most of the summer. Pet stores have also been having trouble getting live insects and other animals safely.

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