Water And Creating A Bioactive Setup.

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Water And Creating A Bioactive Setup.

Post by Motörcrab » Mon Jul 15, 2019 7:48 pm

Courtney Iris Karr AKA: The Cholla Queen did this presentation at Crab Con about creating a bioactive crabitat. She goes over everything in detail, water, lighting, Isopods, land and water plants, and also diet.

The area I found most interesting was the water portion. Some of it goes a bit over my head with nitrogen cycle, GH, KH and so forth since I never messed with that stuff. She also goes into water temperatures and crab activity as well. I think her research could benefit a lot of us.

It's a 45 minute minute presentation but think it is well worth the watch a few times since it is packed with a ton of information.

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Re: Water And Creating A Bioactive Setup.

Post by Dms_co » Thu Nov 14, 2019 8:03 pm

Thanks. This helped me choose some water plants for my tank.

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Re: Water And Creating A Bioactive Setup.

Post by Links » Wed Apr 08, 2020 8:32 am

I hope it’s OK if I post a reply here as I didn’t think I needed to create another topic.

As some of you know I have 1 gallon Tupperware containers for my pools. And my freshwater side has been cycled successfully and I only change the water when the nitrates start to build up. I can almost go one month but since it’s only 1 gallon I’m going every two weeks on water changes.

Also some of you know I was having problems with nitrites building up in my saltwater pool. I went months and months before I found the problem. Once I realized my saltwater pool had not cycled I started changing the water out every day or every other day which did not rectify the problem. I have been checking the nitrites and changing the water in the saltwater pool daily or every other day for months now.

About three weeks ago I added some lava rock to the salt water to try to increase surface area for beneficial bacteria that did not solve the problem either.

Finally I took the cartridges out of the filter which is a submersible filter I think it’s made by tetra and it’s for shallow pool’s like for turtles and frogs. Actually I think it’s the same filters that Courtney has in her video posted above. So anyway I took the cartridges out and gently cleaned them in the water that I had siphoned out of the pool. This made that water cloudy which gave me some hope that I have fix the problem.

It’s been three days now since I have done that and I have zero nitrites in the salt water. :banana:

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