Molting again so soon?

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Molting again so soon?

Post by ashleylovesyou » Mon Sep 17, 2018 4:01 pm

Sandy, my small crab, molted from 7/11-8/15. After she resurfaced, she had a favorite hiding spot where I could see her shell, and she'd come out a lot at night. However, in the last ~10 days, I haven't seen her at all.

She just came back from a molt, so I can't imagine she'd molt again this soon. She also disappeared right after I added a new crab named Hermcules to the tank (Shoutout to HCA for hooking me up with a successful adoption!). Hermcules lives up to his name -- he's a total warrior. Survived a month in someone's shore house after escaping, but seemed totally fine when he arrived. He also seemed to be the "alpha" when he met Sandy, who toppled over when they raised their arms to each other. Here's a video of their interaction (NSFWish language because I use the d-word and s-word as I watch the spectacle :lol: ) -

From what I've read, crabs typically behave this way when they meet, so I wasn't too concerned. They didn't look like they were shell fighting, and they have plenty of shells anyway. I dipped them in the freshwater bowl beforehand kept a close eye on them for the next few hours. Everything seemed fine, but the next day there were no signs of Sandy or Hermcules and I haven't seen either one since. My third crab, Snooki, has been fine.

I sort of expected Hermcules to start molting soon after adding him, although I was a bit surprised he disappeared within a day because I thought he'd need to stock up on food first. But Sandy? And both at the same time? It seems strange. I'm worried Hermcules may have bullied Sandy into some evil sand dungeon of torture, where she's trapped (Okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic). Should I be worried about either of them?

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