I think we have successfully molted for the first time!

This forum is where you discuss issues relating to molting hermit crabs, including pre- and post-molting issues. If you are having a molting emergency please post in the Emergency Forum.
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I think we have successfully molted for the first time!

Post by finleyfoo » Sun Sep 30, 2018 6:38 pm

I have posted on here the last few weeks. I am a fairly new accidental crab owner (about 7 weeks now). I have 2 purple pinchers. the bigger one went under about 3ish weeks ago. I made the mistake of digging her up and she had molted. Then I made the mistake of covering her back up again.

On Friday, she was pretty near the surface so I dug a little trench around her so I could keep an eye on her. She was completely pale and there were bits of exo around. She was tucked into her shell and not moving. I covered her with a plastic container. Bluey is dug in somewhere as well but I don't know where and I did not want anything to happen at night.

Yesterday she did not move at all either. I was starting to get worried. This morning she was partly out of her shell and reacted when I approached by going in. She has some color in her! I removed the container and misted her lightly with water. I also crumbled some egg shells in her little pit. She has not come out of the pit yet but she is looking way more normal. I am cautiously optimistic.

Bluey may also be molting somewhere. I won't go looking and digging this time. I will just let things be. Thanks for all the support as I keep learning.

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