Catappa leaves

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Re: Catappa leaves

Post by GotButterflies » Mon Apr 09, 2018 6:40 am

Hermiesguardian wrote:
GotButterflies wrote:Not trying to advertise here- but if you are wanting to try them, I sell two organic giant leaves for $1.75 in my store.

Indian Almond Leaves are one of my crabs favorites!

They do come from Thailand. The place I buy from has them certified as organic.

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Just wanted to show you how they're enjoying the catappa leaves. This 1st video looks like he's rubbing himself on it.
I'd say that it's a hit in your tank!! :hlol: I love how clear that video is! I also love the two in the back on the wheel!! :hlol:
Truly blessed to have incredible creatures, wonderful friends and my amazing family in my life!! I'm very thankful & grateful for all of them!

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