Food questions

For any and all questions about feeding, diet and different foods. Questions and posts about purchasing from stores should be made in the Shopping section.
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Food questions

Post by Jamison » Sun Jan 06, 2019 9:16 pm

My hermits are both molting, so I am taking the time to gather some great recipes for them, but I have a few questions: raw quinoa ok or should it be cooked
2.what is a good mix of food for post molt? often should I feed the same food much do I need to provide for two small crabs?

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Re: Food questions

Post by Motörcrab » Mon Jan 07, 2019 11:02 pm

1. I feed my guys quinoa raw. I make sure it's Non GMO, and Organic

2. Here is an article about Molting, there is an area that discusses molting nutrition: ... 23&t=92527

This is the all you need to know about hermit crab nutrition guide. It goes into great detail about everything, even pre and post molt nutrition: ... 25&t=92554

3.I try not to feed my crabs the same foods more than twice a week. I generally go about about every two weeks but I have a ton of foods!

4. How many foods do you offer at a time? I usually offer 5-10 different things. The more options you give them the less you need of each. I try to think of a top of a nickel as a dinner plate. Put enough food that would fit on that in their dish. If they have a lot of food left over when you feed again you are over feeding them. If it is empty the next morning you aren't feeding enough.

If both your guys come up at the same time they will probably devour whatever is in the tank. I had 3 crabs empty normal meals that last two days overnight after resurfacing from molts.
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