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Re: Always organic food?

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 3:59 pm
by aussieJJDude

wodesorel wrote:Unfortunately, with custom restrictions and duties, ordering food internationally is usually an expensive headache.

I don't know of any UK sellers. We've rarely had UK and English speaking European members over the years - not sure if hermits aren't as popular there, or if there is a different forum that owners use instead of us. (Although I know of all the Aussie ones, so I've always assumed that hermits aren't much of a popular pet.)
After a quick google search, I did find a seller on Esty from greece that sold a few things that looked promising. ... =657852458

I swear I've seen some UK site in the past, but I cant seem to recall where I saw it from. In saying that, options such as going to the local grocery store and buying organic died foods and making you're own is a good idea! :)

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