Succulents in my tank

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Re: Succulents in my tank

Post by DragonsFly » Thu Sep 05, 2019 4:36 pm

I don't know anything about succulents, but I grew Pothos like crazy in both my 55g and 90g. I bought it from Lowe's or some such place, carefully rinsed off all the soil, and potted it in a terra cotta pot with the bottom hole sealed (so watering it wouldn't cause a flood in the tank). Then I blocked access to the top of the pot with plastic mesh (so the crabs wouldn't just dig into the pot and uproot the plant), allowing the stem of the plant to emerge from the mesh. I let it grow outside the tank for a month (because it wasn't organically raised before I got it, so I let the chemicals cycle out), then set the pots down into the substrate. Watering the plant then became a nice way to add a bit of moisture to the sub (the terra cotta pot would slowly release moisture into the sub). The live plant also helped humidity a lot, since live plants "exhale" moisture. I guess succulents would do a lot less of that, though (that's kind of the whole point of the succulent-ness). Anyway, I had pothos growing all over and setting down new roots randomly in the substrate. I would "train" the long vines up on to the climbing structures, and I think it helped the crabs feel more hidden generally while also enhancing the look of the tank.

I also had a little fern that did well planted in a protected corner of my 55g for several months, until things got moved and the crabs were able to disturb its roots. May try another fern in a terra cotta pot like the pothos, once I get the new crabitat up and running. . .

I tried air plants and tiny orchids, hanging on the side of the tank where crabs couldn't reach them. They didn't make it; maybe not enough light?
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