New ReptiFogger & Timer Settings

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New ReptiFogger & Timer Settings

Post by jbjwanted » Thu Jun 04, 2020 11:44 pm

Hi, everyone. I’m a New Hermit Crab Owner

We came home from a weekend vacation with 3 new crabs. We’ve been learning as much as we can & just came home with a new fogger & timer for their Crabitat. Up until now, the temp has been relatively close to 70° & although we’ve been spraying mist into their tank, we’ve had trouble getting the humidity to go above 60° without the substrate being wetter than it probably needs to be.
I’m wondering what settings might be helpful to begin with to try to fix this problem? Would every 4 hours for 15 minutes be a good starting point??

They are currently in a 10 gallon glass tank with a mesh/metal(?) lid & I currently do NOT have a false bottom.
I have noticed that the humidity seems to stay in a better range when covered, so the last few days, I’ve had a folded towel on top of it - which I’m planning to replace with something else soon (so it doesn’t start to hold the moisture & mold).

Our local stores have been out of play sand since we brought them home, so as soon as they get some in, I’ll be mixing play sand with coconut fiber bedding. I also learned here earlier today that even though they’re of the land crab variety, I apparently need at least a bowl of salt water in the tank for them, so I’ll try to get that tomorrow.

Any other tip/tricks welcomed.
I have looked through the few posts I could find on here about the foggers, but most comments I saw were for 20gal & up tanks, so I apologize if my question & provided extra info may seem redundant for some, but we lost one of the 3 original crabs we can home with & got another at a local pet shop a few days later, so I wanna get this right so they’ll thrive... they’re just so adorable we love them bunches & I don’t wanna lose another any time soon!!


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