Hermit crab ate the other!!! Please help!!!

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Re: Hermit crab ate the other!!! Please help!!!

Post by KraaiTheWolf » Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:35 pm

Motörcrab wrote:The one thing I want to add, I may have missed someone else mentioning it though. Your substrate needs to mixed with dechlorinated fresh, or salt water to s sand castle consistently. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. If the substrate is too dry the crabs will not be able to dig tunnels and molt properly.

I believe we lost one of our crabs several months ago to a similar incident as you. We later we found out that our humidity gauge was not working properly and it was too dry in the tank. I think after he shed his exoskeleton and was still soft the dry sand dried him out before his new exo hardened.
Hi! Thank you for the advice! I’ve made sure in the new tank the substrate is sandcastle consistency, as like you said, I feel it was most likely the dryness of my old tank that killed Patty. My new tank though also has a proper lid and it keeps in the humidity much better than the old one. Eugene and my two new crabs Larry and Sandy have all been very active since being introduced to the new tank. Thank you for all your advice!

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