Please post here if you are having a crab care emergency! Use a real subject and not just "HELP!"
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Post by Jamison » Tue Feb 26, 2019 8:43 pm

Since you've come to the emergency forum, we know you want a fast answer to your question. In order for us to figure out the problem as quickly as possible, we ask that you answer the following questions as best you can. Some of them may seem odd, but they're all designed to give us the information we need to give you a good solution for your problem. The things in the [ brackets ] are there to make this post easier to read once submitted. Thanks!

1. What kind of substrate is used in your tank and how deep is it?
Same and EE mix, 6 of seven inches

2. Do you have gauges in the tank to measure temperature and humidity? If so, where are they located and what temperature and humidity do they usually read? ,
I have a digital gauge. It is in the middle of the tank. Usually it reads 80/80

3. Is a heat source used in the tank? If so, what?
I use a 7TH on the back of the tank.

4. What types of water are available (fresh or salt) and how is the water treated (what brands of dechlorinator or salt mix and what ratio is used to mix it)?
I use freshwater dechlorinatsd with prime and dechlorinated salt with IO

5. What kinds of food do you feed and how often is it replaced?
Fruits, veggies, various meats. For calcium i use eggshells, crushed oyster shells, cuttlebone, and sand dollar.

6. How long have you had the crab and what species is it, if known?
I have had him for almost three weeks, he is a PP

7. Has your crab molted, and how long ago did it happen?

8. What type of housing are the crabs kept in, what size is it and what kind of lid is on the housing?
A 40 gallon terrarium with a screen too half covered with a towel. I love in Florida so it is naturally humid.

9. How many crabs are in the tank and about how large are they?
1 small, 2 mediums

10. How many extra shells are usually kept in the tank, if any?

10 of varying sizes
11. Have there been any fumes or chemicals near the crabitat recently?

12. How often do you clean the tank and how?

I just spot clean
13. Are sponges used in the water dish? If so, how are they cleaned?

14. Has anything new been added to your crabitat recently?

15. Is there any other information you would like to share that might be helpful (anything that is regularly part of your crab care, playtime, bathing, etc.)?

16. Please describe the emergency situation in detail.

Hagrid has pps. I think he is dead. He is limp, smells weird, and hasn't moved for a week. I think he is dead but I just want to make sure.

Any advice is apprecciated . Thanks :) :)
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Re: Dead

Post by curlysister » Wed Feb 27, 2019 12:03 am

I am sorry to hear that. It does sound like he is dead. If he is iso'd from the other crabs, there is no harm in waiting a couple of more days just to be sure.
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Re: Dead

Post by purplepincher » Wed Feb 27, 2019 9:39 am

I love my little Acorn! #besthermitcrabever
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