Stealing Shells and Isolation

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Stealing Shells and Isolation

Post by Amelia D » Tue Aug 25, 2020 4:41 pm

One of my crabs was alone for a bit less than 2 months. I then introduced 3 more crabs, all of which were smaller. My original crab had just molted and was trying around for some new shells. While doing this, one of the new crabs took his old shell. My original crab seems to want that shell back. I witnessed him trying to steal it (as in trying to kill the new crab for the shell).

After that I isolated my original crab in fear that he would kill my new crab for the shell. How long should I isolate my original crab? Or is this something that can't be fixed (as in he'll always want the shell back)?

Just some other info: My new crab fits really well in the shell, yet my original crab does not at all (it's too small). Yet he still insists in going in it. I'm not sure if my original crab is happy in the shell he is in now, or if he still wants the other shell.

He has been isolated for about 5 days now.

I need to make a decision quick of whether to isolate him longer or put him with the other crabs. Due to family reasons, they are getting impatient with the two tanks. They are calling it "cruel" isolating one the of the crabs, I just don't want to wake up to a dead hermit crab.

The crabs have plenty of space to hide from others and are getting plenty of nutrients. About 3 to 4 inches of sand and eco earth is at the bottom, so just enough to dig in. The humidity and temperatures are perfect. They have the perfect environment, so I don't think any of the aggression is coming from tank/care issues.

Any tips and advice is very much appreciated :)

Thank you!

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