I rescued a crab from a terrible pet store tank

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I rescued a crab from a terrible pet store tank

Post by ponibutts » Tue Aug 04, 2020 3:38 pm

I wish I had a picture of the tank. it had at most two inches of substrate, one single water dish that had all its space taken by a sponge, no thermometer or hygrometer, and worst of all three extra shells that no hermit crab would take. two of them were the kind that had a very wide and slim opening, the third had a massive opening compared to the rest of the shell. there were three crabs.
one looked like it fit its shell alright. the other two? not so much. one of them could barely get its eyes hidden into its shell, and wasn't moving much. the other could pull itself in, but not as far as it should. I went with this one.

while driving home it came out and started trying to escape. I ended up having to hold the lid in place.

got it home, and plopped it in the freshwater pool. it probably hadn't been able to submerge in ages. :( since then it has gone all over the tank half a dozen times. it's dunked itself in both pools, climbed the cholla trees, and attempted to climb the corners.

none of my extras were big enough so I'm currently out searching for bigger shells at craft stores. this is my fifth crab, and my biggest. I named it Purple Haze.
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Re: I rescued a crab from a terrible pet store tank

Post by LittleCinderella » Tue Aug 04, 2020 3:45 pm

How awesome! Prepare for moult! Good luck. I hope he makes it.

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Re: I rescued a crab from a terrible pet store tank

Post by CombatMist » Wed Aug 05, 2020 5:13 pm


Ya pet shops misrepresent what is needed for hermies to thrive. I do like my local petco. They have both waters and labeled, food a few things to climb, a few hides and 2 inch substrate. Shops really dont want them hiding deep or molting. Doesnt make it right though

Look at the shell section guides. Tons of helpful info. I buy shells online. Variety packs of turbos at under $2 each.

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