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Re: Adoption success stories.

Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 4:42 am
by happycrabbymama
Adoptions seem to be all I do as of late... and I don't mind! :D

My first adoptions was of Tantrum... December 2013

My kids and my nieces and nephews all got crabs from a relative for Christmas. Tantrum was my youngest niece's crab. It was the last of 5 or 6 that they got for Christmas. I had just put together a new 40g tat and was showing it off to my sister. She said something about me taking their crabs a while before this, so I mentioned if they wanted to get rid of their crabs that I could take them now that I had room. She (my sister) had some sort of melt down and sent the last of their crabs to my parents in a Halloween bucket with a handful of sand in the bottom, in 20* weather. I went and picked her up and we named her Tantrum. Upon arriving home she switched shells in the first 2 or 3 days with us and two days later, dug down for a molt. She came up looking absolutely gorgeous. She has a lavender color to her now, and the size difference HOLY COW! She had since changed shells about 10 times, and I believe she is currently dug down again. :)

The next in a smashing series of adoptions... 10 CRABS IN ONE DAY!!! 5 PPs & 5 Fiddlers. February 8, 2014

I placed and ad on Craigslist, stating I would take in unwanted or needing to be rehomed hermit crabs.
Within a few days of putting the ad up, I got several responses. I got a message about 5 PPs of varying sizes needing a new home. I messaged and they said they just needed them gone. So I made arrangements to pick them up. Not only did I get the crabs, but I got a bunch of extra shells, food, dishes and decor. We welcomed home, Brick (md), Turkish (tiny), Memphis (tiny), Sherlock (tiny) & Watson (tiny). Brick has not shown an interest in molting, but deffinently needs to as he is missing several tips and partial leg segments. At fist he was really shy but he has since changed shells and is the ONLY one of this group that is still above ground, everyone else decided 2 days before the move to the 90g that they were going to go down. :( So I haven't seen the other 4 in about a month, hoping they come back up soon.

From that post on Craigslist we also adopted 5 fiddler crabs, 2 males and 3 females. I didn't know a thing about their care and upkeep, so I got on here and talked to some members who keep fiddlers and we made them an awesome setup. When we received them, they were in a 10g, on gravel, with an inch of water. :( They are now in a 30g with plants, sand, shells, lava rock center piece and guppy buddies. Within 2 weeks of having them in a temporary setup we had 2 molts and a gravid female. We currently have another female that is also gravid.

Crab Adoption and Supply Score... March 23, 2014

I responded to a post on HCA in the adoption sections of the forum. Laura said she had 2 PPs, 2 Rugs and 1 E that needed to be adopted. I asked if she would be willing to meet and she agreed. I adopted not only the crabs but scored a HUGE selection of supplies! I ended up with a 20g Tall, a 10g (currently holding the 2 Rugs and the E who are all molting), both came with screen lids and plexiglass, stand, food, cuttlebone, fake plants, extra shells, hoods w/ lights, extra bulbs, hygrometer/thermometer combos, suction cups, food dishes, wood center pieces, netting, power strip with built-in timers, spray bottles, a bucket and things I am sure I am forgetting.
Sherman and Witte were bathed and put in the 90g. And the reactions are a bit of segregation going on. Sherman and Witte kind of hangs out by themselves. They don't really hang out with each other even though they were housed together in the same tat before. My other crabs are ignoring them now and all sleeping together in their huddle (where outsiders aren't welcome apparently). There were antenna wars that broke out within 10 minutes of them getting added to the tat. Mostly the wars were between Sherman, Crabzilla and Brick, but no one was injured more then their pride and their place on the ladder.

PA Crab Adoption 04/03/2014
So... I have made several more adoptions since my last post... I adopted 9 crabs from a member here on HCA. She has some health issues and a hectic work schedule and couldn't give her crabs the attention that they deserved. She made a trip to met us and we got 5 PP's (Bastian (passed before the adoption was completed) Asher, Atreyu, Rue, Bella, and Alastair) and 4 E's (Prim, Elphie, Haymitch (he is now my husband's crab and there for when through a name change. His name is now Bass) and Abernathy). We got a bunch of supplies with this adoption as well. About $50 worth of food from Wode's Garden, shells, moss, Instant Ocean, food dishes and two kritter karriers a medium and large. Thank you Carley... I have no idea who is who when I look in the 90g as far as the PP's in their little green turbos. Those shells seem to be the favorite among all of our crabs. :D Everyone is still alive and kicking! Haymitch still hasn't changed shells... Prim did though!

Cleveland Area Crab Adoption 04/18/204
I made another adoption from a member of the HCA. This time for 3 PP's (Petunia, Venus and Lilly). We met in Sandusky to make the trade... this adoption was a long time in the making because there were some complications involving being able to meet and a crab or two still being down molting. Once all crabs were up and around, the meet was on. This member was nice enough to give me some extra shells even though she was attempting to sell all of her remaining crab items. Thanks Bonnie! These little ladies are doing well!

Adrian Michigan Birthday Adoption 04/19/2014
I was really hoping for some kind of adoption to go through on this day since it was my birthday. What better way to celebrate your birthday then rescuing crabs! :D I had a very nice lady named Carol respond to my CL ad. We made arrangements to meet in Adrian since she lived a little further north then I was really willing to travel. :) I had no idea what these guys looked like or their size... but I didn't care. I WAS GETTING CRABS ON MY BIRTHDAY! :banana: When we talked on the phone she said that her kids had won them at the fair and lost interest in them because one spent 90% of the time digging and underground. I was so excited that I made my husband get up early so we could drive 45 minutes to get crabs! When we got there Carol showed me the cute little 2g tank their were in. She said they had been kept in a 10g, but they decided to keep it. She asked if I could tell what species of crab they were and when I looked, I was shocked. There was one PP and an E. She said that was funny because her son told her that they weren't the same kind of crab, one had funny looking eyes. I asked her which one of them was the one that spent most of the time digging and she confirmed it was the E. They were both tiny/small crabs according to the HCA sizing chart. Thankfully there were both in natural shells and she had some Instant Ocean, two shells and some hermit crab soak she gave me as well as the tank. She thanked us and asked if there was any way I could send pics when I got them home and into the tat. When I got home I bathed them, no sign of mites and PP (Happy) went into the 90g and the E (B-day) went into the little E tank and immediately hid. I sent pics to Carol of my 90g tat and she said her kids were going crazy. They said they bet the crabs felt like they were in heaven. :D I still haven't seen the E since I put him in the Lil' E tat. Happy has changed shells several times but continues to revert back to his original snail shell... soon enough he will make the change permanent. YAY!!! CRABS FOR MY BIRTHDAY! How awesome is that?!

ETA... Since posting this, B-day has since passed. I am not sure what happened. I found him 2 days ago naked and partially buried.
I got him out and rinsed him and attempted a re-shell. He stayed shelled for several hours but then I found him again naked. I again re-shelled him and placed him in ISO with another streaker PP from the day before this incident happened. I placed B-day near the food and water, but he passed sometime during the next day partially hanging out of his shell. :( I knew that he was gone as the dead fish smell was unmistakable! Poor guy... he will be missed. Wish I knew what happened to cause him to go streaking. :(

Detroit Metro Area Crab Adoption - Biggest Crab Adoption Yet! 05/04/14
I got in touch with an HCA member, Crabby J, who runs a rescue called Hermit Crab Landing. She had several crabs up for adoption. I was mainly interested in the XL/Jumbo she had listed on her site, Aquarius. She said that he was currently molting and should be up anytime since he had been down since before Thanksgiving of 2013. I made arrangements to make a monetary donation as well as a supply donation in exchange for Aquarius. On 04/16/2014 I received an email stating that Aquarius had passed. She said that she still had 2 crabs available for adoption, a medium PP (Odyssey) and an E (Titan), but the PP was still molting. I said that I would definitely take them. She let me know when Odyssey was up and that both of them were doing well, just waiting for me to make the trip to pick them up. I wanted to see about getting another 90g, so I started scouring CL to see if there were any tanks in the area that were stupid cheap... and I found several. On 05/04/2014 we made the trip north to pick up the tank and the 2 crabs from Crabby J. I received an email from Crabby J telling me that she was picking up 12 crabs that day. She said the lady that had them kept them in wire cages for about a year, they were all in painted shells, and they were in bad shape. She said she wasn't expecting them to make it through their molts and if they did, it would be a miracle. I told her I would take them if we could coordinate the times of her meeting them and then meeting us. Well... I got more then I bargained for. I ended up coming home from Detroit Metro area with not 2, not 12, but 16 crabs. Crabby J had made another adoption of 2 more crabs before coming to met with us. JACKPOT! We stood in Pet Supplies Plus's parking lot and talked about crabs and crabbing for 30-45 minutes. When we got home I got home from our 5+ hour road trip, I got to see the shape that the 12 little PP's were in... and it was pretty bad. There are several of them who are missing limbs. One in particular is missing all walking legs on the left side of his body, so in order to move around he has to use is BP since that is the ONLY limb on that side of his body. I gave all of them baths and got 14 of them into the 30g ISO. Odyssey got his bath and went into the 90g and Titan got his bath and went into the Lil' E tank. I put about 20 shells of different sizes and types in the ISO tank so hopefully they would start ditching those horrible painted shells. I think maybe they were in shock... They weren't digging. They would just sit. Finally after probably 30 minutes they started exploring. They walked through the food dishes never stopping to take a taste or anything. :( There were at the water dishes for quite sometime. I just sat and watched them. Eventually they started checking out the shells... I was SO excited. :D I finally decided they had enough excitement for one day and I wanted to give them sometime to relax and settle in. When I woke up this morning... 3 of the painted shells laid empty. At noon I checked on them again... and 4 more painted shells lay empty. They apparently changed into nice unpainted shells and walked away from the painted ones without a second thought. :clap: At noon I went out and collected some dandelions for them. They didn't seem very interested in them initially but when they finally got the them... HOLY COW! They were pigging out on them. I didn't see everyone so I knew that meant that some of them had dug down. Ever since yesterday there has been a non stop shell party in that ISO tank. :D The 14 unexpected adoptees don't have names as of yet. Fingers crossed that everyone makes it!

Several more adoptions to come within the next few weeks or month or so... Will post as they are adopted! :D

Re: Adoption success stories.

Posted: Mon May 05, 2014 10:02 am
by Iamar
I was contacted by HCA adoption on Facebook that there were five crabs that needed a home. Due to a move, the family was unable to take their hermit crabs with them. I met them yesterday about 50 minutes away from Nashville. I was presented with a beautiful list of all the crabs names.
This is Hans and his son with me after they gave me their hermit crabs.
I kept the new hermit crabs in ISO for a day so that I could observe them. And boy, are they more active than my store brought hermit crabs. They were very well taken care of and I hope the ones that I have reach up to their level of activity.

This is Ook. I have always wanted a strawberry crab
Some of the others.

Re: Adoption success stories.

Posted: Mon May 05, 2014 3:14 pm
by CallaLily
Such a sweet adoption story, Iamar! Looks like they were well loved before you took them in. :love5:

Re: Adoption success stories.

Posted: Tue May 13, 2014 9:41 am
by newday1386
Yesterday May 12 2014...I actually adopted two crabs. Salem's story is ongoing and can be seen under emergency topic. He is a Petco rescue who is missing two legs and has a broken one.

My second rescue was Julius Peppers. Mr. Peppers has become my most active Hermit Crab. He likes to crawl around the edge of his 50 gallon home and has become very fond of sitting on a small sign that says 'The Crab Inn' which he has skillfully knocked over to make it more comfortable. He seems to be a beach bum because he tends to stick on the side of my tank with sand on it, but he ventures to the middle when he feels like digging some wholes or going to get a drink of fresh water.

Mr. Peppers was named after a Chicago Bears NFL player. Ironically, that player has been traded to Wisconsin Green Bay so it is most fitting that I adopted him from Illinois and brought him home to Wisconsin. The drive to get Peppers was about one hour and a half. He has made the adjustment to his new home like a champ!

Re: Adoption success stories.

Posted: Sun May 18, 2014 8:56 pm
by MissFrost
We've just successfully completed our second adoption through the HCA :) Ocean came to us freshly molted, from a loving home where he happily resided for about 8 years. Can't wait to introduce him to his new crab family! :crabbigsmile:

Re: Adoption success stories.

Posted: Sun May 18, 2014 9:41 pm
by CallaLily
I don't think I've posted on this thread but I didn't take the time to look through every reply. I've adopted 6 times over the years.

1st time wasn't planned. I found Athelas at a yard sale in 2008! For $40 I got her, a cage that wasn't any use, and some supplies.

2nd time I was contacted by a woman in Salisbury, MD through a fish forum I used to post on in 2009. She'd seen a thread where I shared my crabitat and asked me to take in her 3 PPs. We met at a Pet store about 30 minutes away from my house. I can't remember if there was a fee but she also included a few supplies. Tani is still with me today.

3rd adoption was through the HCA in 2010. I adopted 10 PPs from Skillswife. We met at a playground in Dover, DE. Some of these crabs didn't adjust well and a few passed in a flood caused by slow leaking built in pools. :( I still have Montana, Cannonball, and Popcorn. There was a pretty big adoption fee for these guys and they came with a tank and supplies.

4th adoption was in 2013, I took in 1 PP and 1 E from my mom. She had already found a home for the others and asked me to take these two. They are Dola and Gally. They also came with some supplies at no cost.

5th adoption was last Sunday (May 11). I took in 3 PPs and 2 Es from a man in Maryland. This adoption was set up through Wodesorel. $50 and it included a 75g tank/stand and a lot of supplies. Very long drive to pick these guys up from his house. I brought my husband along. Rameriz, Chunk, Lettie, One-Eyed Willy, and Mrs. Penstemmon. (Please be extra careful about going to a stranger's house! It's always best to meet at a public place and never alone.)

6th adoption was today (May 18) from a lady from Maryland, also initially arranged through Wodesorel. 1 PP, Emerald, that she'd had for 13 years with tank/stand and supplies for free. We met at some shopping outlets in Maryland.

Re: Adoption success stories.

Posted: Mon May 19, 2014 10:39 am
by wodesorel
Last month we again did two adoptions a week apart. They always come in pairs here!

The first was from a member who saw my posting in the state topics and PM'd me as she was only 10 minutes away. Her family had two crabs that were getting bigger and that they could no longer keep - Jamie and Jerome. We met the following day in the parking lot at the local pet store. Both have now molted with me and are gorgeous, well-adjusted hermits! She was also kind enough to include their tank and this really unique 10 gallon wooden stand that I'm in love with. (Incidentally, this is the fourth time I've been contacted directly due to my adopter post in the state topics. :) ) It was pouring when we met up so we really didn't get a chance to talk, but she later found me on Facebook and I was able to share photos of them in their new home.

The second was a craigslist ad that I responded to that was a little over an hours drive away. There were four hermits in need of a home, and they also mentioned selling the 55 gallon tank that the crabs were in. I contacted them worried that they were going to sell the tank cheap and the crabs would be forgotten or flipped, and I also asked about the tank as well since we need a good solid stand to upgrade our goldfish. I told him how long we'd been crabbing, and sent links to photos of my enclosure and hermits if he was interested. He was indeed very interested and we set up a meet that weekend. Since we were going to be taking the stand and the tank we did agree to go to his house. (Like Calla, I had my husband along. We had also borrowed his mother's van because of the tank, so someone knew where we were, just in case!) It was a very pleasant visit - we talked crabs and fish a bit, and my husband got to play with their very fluffy dog. His girlfriend told me that he had been looking for someone to adopt them for quite a while, but that he had been having trouble finding someone who didn't just see them as cheap throwaway pets. They were rehoming the hermits because they were downsizing, and at that point he had been crabbing for 8 years and the crabs were nearly all that old. In the end he sent us home with the four crabs, the 55 gallon tank and stand and all their HCA-grade supplies (I could set up that tank today with everything that was included and have it be 100% perfect for them), an empty 15 gallon tank, and a big bag of plants for my freshwater aquariums. I added a bunch of their things to the tank that night to make them comfortable - everything was so clean that there was no need to do anything to it - and they didn't even seem to notice they were someplace new. The crabs have all slipped into my colony without issue and I see them cruising around every night now.

Re: Adoption success stories.

Posted: Thu May 29, 2014 3:33 am
by Iamar
I adopted two more this past weekend. Layla and Clover. Both PPs. I arranged for their "Mom" to come to our home since she was bringing a lot of stuff for them. I never felt so good as when she saw my tank and watched her hermies running around. Clover went straight to a the log and climbed up behind it. Layla went straight into the saltwater and then into the shell shop to check out what I had. She was seen "talking" to one of my large hermies as if she was trying to convince him that he really didn't need the shell he was sitting on top of. Their former "Mom" was tearful at seeing her hermies taking immediately to the tank and socializing with my others.

I have had three successful adoptions. I am currently trying to get one to two strawberry hermies so that Ook will not be my lone Straw. I am trying to find someone who may be willing to ship me a straw or two if they happen to see any in their local pet stores. I will pay for them and the shipping, of course.


Re: Adoption success stories.

Posted: Mon Aug 11, 2014 6:46 pm
by cwheeling
First I must Thank the forum for the information that lead me to both of my adoptions. The first one happened in May 2014. I drove an hour to pickup 2 PP's, couple of shells, and some dishes. I was told the crabs had mites and the owner did not want them anymore. I hurried home and after a bath found out these guys were clean and healthy. They have both swapped shells and mix really well with my crew. The second adoption was way more exciting and is really entertaining for me. On Aug. 8, 2014 I received the following email:

"My brother and his family live in St Croix and just came for a visit. My 2 year old nephew, who LOVES crabs, apparently packed a hermit crab in their luggage. I have no desire to have a pet hermit crab but don't want to just put it outside knowing that it won't survive. I was looking for info on what to feed it while I figured something out when I came across your website.
I am in the Salem/Roanoke area of Virginia and don't really want to travel if I can help it. There is one hermit crab, slightly larger than ping pong ball size, think a PP. No supplies available as it's currently roaming free on my screened porch. Free to good home."

Well after reading that who would not be ready to pick this crab up! I was at the beach and had to wait until Aug. 10 2014( I know its only 2 days but still) I was able to go see him on the screened porch hiding in an egg crate box. I had a real nice conversation with Jessica about the crabs travels. He left St. Croix on July 25 and landing in Roanoke with a short drive to Salem.He was found in the bottom of the suitcase when the family unpacked. He took up residence on the screened porch until I picked him up. Thank goodness it was warm and humid this week. The poor guys shell was about 2 sizes to small and boy he went straight for the fresh water. I bathed him and then place him into my 75g with everyone. He dug under and rested that night, when I got up Monday he was looking at another shell( with my "Queen Ella", as we call her, riding his shell). I watched and would occasionally separate them, finally he changed shells and Ella took residence after another short battle with another crab into his old shell. Today has been exciting watching everybody try this new shell on. I took a few pics to share :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

This is Croix my new crab
Croix's original shell
Shell battle
Queen Ella after the win

Re: Adoption success stories.

Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2015 11:25 am
by Jessikanesis
I found this former class pet on Boston Craigslist. I don't know how old the kids were who took care of him, but he lasted two years there and seems pretty outgoing and healthy. He is now retired from his teaching career. ;-)


He spent the first hour or so hiding in an overturned flower pot to destress. Once in a while he would poke cautiously out and explore a new corner of the tank for about a minute, only to scuttle back into the pot, which he had apparently designated as the Safety Zone. My first crab, Lovebug, is much bigger than the new guy, but he is still buried and seems blissfully ignorant of what's happening on the surface. They still haven't met.

Within 24 hours, the newbie had become comfortable enough to actually browse through my stack of shells, and pick out a new one for himself. Looking sharp, little guy. Welcome home.

Re: Adoption success stories.

Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2015 10:17 pm
by devilishlysweet
ImageRescued these poor guys from a pet store where they you just about the only ones still alive. Wish these guys would change shells so I can get a better look at them and see what they are.
The next three we picked up from Hermit Crab Landing today.

Re: Adoption success stories.

Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2015 11:03 pm
by soilentgringa
Ooh a strawberry!!!

Re: Adoption success stories.

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 9:28 am
by KellyCrabbieLove
I have adopted 2 times now. The first time it was 5 crabs. 2 xl pps, 1 tiny pp and 2 medium Es with no fee. My biggest crab Atlas was from that adoption he was in need if a molt, his conditions weren't too bad but he didn't make it when he molted with me. I was heartbroken. The larger of the E's I named Spazz. You can imagine why, didn't make it either. They had the crabs for 6 months and he still had a missing foot. He didn't survive a molt with me and again completely heartbroken .

My second was just recently. I had to actually pay a rehoming fee. 7 PP from micro to larger small. I gave one to Megmaholm and 2 to my friend Kady who is just as knowledgeable as most of us on their care.

The other 4 stayed with me. 1 already molted with me and 2 are down. The other I can't be sure didn't molt when in iso because he dug down for about 3 weeks and is borderline micro.

Aside from the 2, the other 10 are doing just fine. I know 1 is down with Kady and I believe the one that megmaholm has is down now as well.

Yay adoptions!

Re: Adoption success stories.

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 10:39 am
by Happy Crabbies
Possible adoption today guys! I found 2 hermies on craigslist with tank and supplies for $50 but I asked her if she would consider adopting out just the crabs and to my surprise, she said yes! I just have to wait and talk to my grandparents to see if they can drive me half way to meet her! Im so excited, in my time crabbing I have never adopted/rescued any crabs :( I will post again if I get them! :o :crabbigsmile:

Re: Adoption success stories.

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 3:58 pm
by MissFrost
Another successful adoption through the HCA! Picked up a few new crabs last night to add to the crew. They came from a local crabber (and HCA member) who was downsizing their tank. Luckily, they came from a tank with a great set up, so they seem happy and look healthy. :)