FAQ: Abbreviations and Terms Used at the HCA

Please post here if you are a new crab owner and someone will be along shortly to welcome you to the HCA! This is also the place to welcome new crabbies to your clan!
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FAQ: Abbreviations and Terms Used at the HCA

Post by HCADirectors » Wed Mar 13, 2013 5:15 pm

Our community uses a lot of abbreviations on a daily basis, which can be confusing for newer members. Here's a handy list of the most commonly used shortcuts.

  • HCA =Hermit Crab Association
    or HCA = Hermit Crab Addiction (store)
    HCP = Hermit Crab Patch (store)
    or HCP = Hermit Crab Paradise (forum)
    LHC = Live Hermit Crabs (store)
    or LHC = Land Hermit Crabs (forum)
    Deltona = Shell store
    Naples = Shell store
  • ID = Identify
    PP = = PPs = Purple Pincher = Coenobita clypeatus
    E = Es = Ecuadorian = Coenobita compressus
    Straw = Strawberry = Coenobita perlatus
    Indo = Brevy = Indonesian = Coenobita brevimanus
    Rug = Ruggie = Coenobita rugosus
    Aussie = Crazy Crab = Coenobita variabilis
    Blue = Blueberry = Coenobita purpureus
    Viola = Coenobita violascens
  • BP = Big Pincher (Pincher)
    LP = SP = Small Pincher ( or little pincher)
    Exo = Exoskeleton
    Feelers = Antennae
    Hair = Setae
  • PPS (with a capital S) = Post Purchase Syndrome
    Molt = either the act of molting or the shed exoskelton
    Surface Molt = Molting ABOVE Substrate
    Gel Limb = Forms before molt when there is a lost limb
  • IO = Instant Ocean = salt for drinking water
    Declor = Dechlorinator = treatment for drinking water
    ISO = Isolation (tank)
    Crabitat = The tank they usually live in
    UTH = Under Tank Heater (to be used on sides of tanks)
    KK = Kritter Keeper
    UVB = specialty lighting for synthesizing vitamin D (replicates sunlight)
    Substrate = The "ground" floor of the tank (where they tunnel and molt)
    Gravel = Rough pebbles
    Sand = Playsand or All-purpose sand
    EE = Eco Earth = brand of cocofiber
    FB = Forest Bedding = brand of cocofiber
    Plantation Soil = a brand of cocofiber
    Bed-a-beast = brand of cocofiber
    5:1 = substrate mixture of 5 parts sand to 1 part cocofiber
    Moss = crab safe reptile or organic moss
    Shell Shop = a container used to keep the shells clean(er), usually mounted off the ground

Forum Terms:
  • Forum = Subforum = Major section
    Thread = Topic = Individual conversation page(s) in a Forum
    Post = one entry in a thread
    Pic = Picture
    Sig = Signature = personalized message added to every post
    FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
    Re: = Regarding
    Avatar = Avi = Small picture under your name, altered in the User Control Panel
    PM = Private Message
    Inbox = PMs that you’ve recieved
    Sentbox = PMs that have been delivered and read by recipient
    Outbox = sent PMs that are still unread by recipient, once read will move to Sentbox
    Saved Messages = Storage for important PMs
    UCP = User Control Panel = where you can change all your personal settings

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