Suction Cups

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Suction Cups

Post by Promethean » Thu Aug 13, 2020 6:37 pm

Alright, to start things off I'm going to mention that I've doubled the cast from 2 to 4 crabs (all PPs). One of them is in the old tank molting, and the other three are in a newer, much nicer tank.

Anyways, the three that are currently in the new tank seemed ecstatic about a climbing wall, and they rushed to immediately crawl up it. I decided to walk out of the room for a bit to take care of a fish, and when I came back they had removed everything suction cupped onto the walls! These are decent cups that can't be pulled off easily, but they worked in a group to remove everything. Any ideas on how I could keep them from doing that?


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Re: Suction Cups

Post by Hermielover121 » Thu Aug 13, 2020 6:59 pm

Well I have no tips on how to make section cups stay I know ways to replace them. I will would use magnets or hooks i use hooks that are silicone to the Tank since two sections of my lid are permanently stuck on but if you have no way to do that you could also buy waterproof outdoor hooks and sometimes some brands may work better than suction cups. The last option I would have to say is magnets put one magnet attached to the decoration inside the tank in one of the outside so that they do not fall down. Hope that this helped

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