Crabs adopted by a family member

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Crabs adopted by a family member

Post by crabby33 » Sat Jan 11, 2020 8:01 pm

I was not sure where to put this but my crabs were adopted by my brother. I actually sent him care sheets from here and he spent HOURS researching. Like he was up until 3 in the morning studying up on hermit crab care.

I was told my brother would take good care of them but unfortunately, I have no way of knowing whether or not he is taking proper care of the crabs. I am not allowed to ask about them too much. My mom has likened it to when you give away a dog or give up a child for adoption. You let go and move on and don’t follow up.

I got just one picture to assure me they are still alive. He just said,” The tank looked the same as when you left it.” Which makes me think he hasn’t put the extra sand in the tank because he doesn’t want the crabs to dig, he wants to see them. I worry about them having to put off their molt cycle. I can’t even try to help or offer advice on the proper care of hermit crabs.

My mom looks at it as,” If they die, oh well.” I have to acknowledge there is nothing I can do if my brother is not taking proper care of the crabs.

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Re: Crabs adopted by a family member

Post by aussieJJDude » Sun Jan 12, 2020 7:28 pm

Sounds hard. :/

Ive been in a similar position, except with aquarium fish. Wjile ypu could suggest (or tell) him to fix it up for thr benefit of tje animals, I found it simply easier to avoid a relationship going sore, suggest the change and why. If they dont want to listen, cross your fingers and hope that they fix the issue.

(The worse is when they ask for advice, they don't listen, and continue to complain/blame you.. also had that happen. Advise by me and many others, if that occurs simply stop giving advice and tell them to do their own research)

If your brother is at the age of using forums, and your parents allow it, I'd really suggest and reccomend he joins here so hopefully he can be persuaded to give them what they - or simply get caught in the bug of wanting to better their environment!

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