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California Adopters

Post by Susan Q. » Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:11 am

Hello, I'm in the San Fransisco Bay Area; Pleasanton to be exact. Apologies. I don't see a way to delete this post but I am full to capacity (20 crabs) and unfortunately I cannot take in anymore crabs :( I believe there are other adopters on this post that are in the SF Bay Area - Thank you!

I have a one 55G enclosure with two large hermit crabs that I bought from a person on Craigslist who was no longer able to care for them (they were in a small plastic habitat, no heat, no humidity and barely enough sand to cover the bottom of the plastic pet carrier) and looking to adopt one to two more. I've got it set up with a little over 10 inches of substrate, salt and fresh water pools, a large UTH on the back right side, heat lamps (day and night) and a fogger on a timer. Your large crab/s would be very happy here. I also have a 20L with same except without a fogger; I mist 2x per day. I have 3 hermies in the 20L; they are about the size of a whole walnut. I may move them to my empty 29T; not sure yet. I also have isolation enclosures for new hermies to acclimate before adding them to the 55g or the 20L. I've had these crabs for about 6 months now and they're all doing well. I feed them food scraps, dried blood worms, dried shrimp, egg shells, shredded coconut (no sugar, organic) etc. I am not employed and have free time to care for them. I am willing to drive an hour and/or meet you at a half-way point. I have no need for more enclosures/crabitats; I've got plenty but if you have no need for them, sometimes schools will accept used habitats. I can donate them for you. I will bring a plastic container with damp moss for transport to my home; if you would do the same that would be great! I look forward to meeting you and your crab/s :) Please PM me. Sue.
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