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Ideas for a Custom Tank

Posted: Sat Jun 27, 2020 4:09 pm
by C_fiesta
Help me brainstorm ideas for a custom tank. I have a space in my living room that is about 24" (2 feet) by 24" (2 feet). I want a smaller sized tank for adding some of Mary's captive babies (Mary, if you're reading this, I haven't applied yet because I want to get this tank set up first). I originally wanted a 30 gal and stand, but it's too big.

I took a look at standard aquarium sizes and the smaller ones were too small for crabs and the bigger ones were too long. I've never built a custom tank, but I want to entertain the idea. What are my options?

I had the idea of making a wood box for sub and adding an exoterra on top for the above. Has anyone put a UTH on an exoterra? Is the glass too thin or is it good?

Could I put the exoterra onto a plastic tub?

What are other options?

Re: Ideas for a Custom Tank

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 7:15 am
by aussieJJDude
Exoterras do fine with heat mats, they designed to hold reptiles. They a nice enclosure, and reccomend to anyone that can afford one! I love my exoterra, the only issue I have is
1. Wish they were bigger (like 2ft wide, 4ft long ect)
2. Wish I purchased bigger

As for putting it on a tote, you may struggle. Totes can be pretty flimsy, and would be best to pop it on a glass tank.

Have you considered building a custom 2ft cube? I have one for my aquarium, and I love the dimensions. Being roughly 60g, its a nice size and being 2ft tall can have a decent amount of substrate along with climbing areas. It will probably be a lot cheaper than an exoterra, and if your DIY savvy, can build your own stand for it to sit on.

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Re: Ideas for a Custom Tank

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:20 am
by wodesorel
There is a standard 60 gallon cube that is 2 feet on all sides, but new is expensive.

There is also the ZooMed Palludarium which is 18x18 and 36 high. The base holds 10 gallons and is quite high, high enough for lots of substrate. I have it's shorter based cousin the Skyscraper for my crested, and keep thinking I should have gotten a second for my ruggie.

Re: Ideas for a Custom Tank

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 10:54 am
by C_fiesta
Wow! That Palludarium looks amazing! I really don't want to build something that might fail.

Thank you BOTH for your feedback on totes and alternative ideas! :)

I have no idea what it would take to build a custom cube, out of glass? I thought about wood and water proofing the heck out of it, but honestly, it might be more expensive then just getting the Palludarium. I have no experience in the exotic pet world...other than hermit crabs so that's why I come here! Enablers! :)

Re: Ideas for a Custom Tank

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 3:31 pm
by wodesorel
Usually the cost of the glass is what kills! For a non-watertight tank, building is fairly easy - frame, silicon, done. It's the large chunks of thick enough glass to hold back what is inside that are crazy expensive.

My skyscraper was like $140. Had to special request it!