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Dog Walking Business

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2020 8:47 pm
by HappyHermit0916
I am thinking of starting a dog walking business any thoughts???

Re: Dog Walking Business

Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2020 8:06 pm
by skygreg007
That's super cool! Lots of people use dog walkers while they are away at work and I imagine a lot of seniors may need help with getting their dog's energy out

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Re: Dog Walking Business

Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2020 8:48 pm
by JoeHermits
As long as you plan ahead to make sure everyone stays safe.

Stay in familiar areas and make sure someone knows where you are at all times.

Have a plan in case something dangerous happens while walking a dog, such as bad weather or a bad person. Can you leave safely with a dog in tow (large or small) or will you have to leave someone’s dog behind?

If there’s a medical emergency, you’ll need to figure out how to handle it, either by contacting the owner or even by bringing the dog to the vet yourself. This may vary greatly based on the dog’s health and owner’s preferences.

If a dog escapes or otherwise misbehaves, who’s responsible, you or the owner? Who pays for damages if the dog causes trouble?

Any business is a lot of work. Walking dogs can be fun but it’s also a big responsibility that takes time, trust, planning, and commitment.

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