Baby Grey Tree Frogs!

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Baby Grey Tree Frogs!

Post by FJrocks003 » Tue Aug 25, 2020 1:20 pm

I a different post I made I asked some questions about raising tadpoles. I was under the impression that it would take months, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Some of them must be older than the others because I now have 15 tadpoles, 2 tadpoles with all four legs, and 1 teeny tiny tree frog. I assumed that they were all pond frogs but I'm starting to think I was wrong. The frog that's out is always hanging out stuck to the sides of the tank and climbing everything in sight. He is only about a centimeter long so I can't really see his pattern but he is a grayish yellow color so I'm thinking eastern grey tree frog considering how many live right near my house. Right now he is still with the tadpoles, here's what the tank looks like (the tank I was using before had I leak so I changed it from the raising tadpoles section): 5 gallon critter keeper with a 1 gallon tank inside taking up about 2 3rds of the ground space. There is about 4 inches above that, witch I filled with branches after I realized it was a tree frog. I know that this won't work permanently but since they are turning into frogs so fast I don't have anything else set up yet. The one that is out still has a tiny stub of a tail so I don't have to feed him quite yet but I want a food source prepared for when he's ready. I've never kept tree frogs before so I need to do some more research. According to state laws I have to find a park that will allow me to realise them, I can't just put them in my backyard. This will be hard to find so I may need to take care of them for a while. Anyone got any tips? Also, can they eat catalpa worms (also known as catawbas)? I have large supply of them (they make great fishing bait) so it would be much more convenient if I could feed them those. They are related to hornworms witch are a common feeder insect. If not what should I feed them? They are much too small to eat crickets or mealworms and I find fruit flies difficult to feed, hopefully the catalpa worms are fine.
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