My Custom rimless 2.5 gallon tank

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My Custom rimless 2.5 gallon tank

Post by Guest » Tue Sep 11, 2007 10:47 pm

Ok so theres this new fourm on for these saltwater hermit crabs so I thought i'd take a shot at it. Here's what I came up with. It's still new and needs more work but this is my tank.

Ok now for the filtration for this tank I built it into the tank. I simply used acrylic from Lows and cut it to fit and then made a baffle in there for half refugium half pump filter and heater. Also what I did was made a wall(for outside of tank) out of acrylic(aka plexiglass) and painted it black so that it makes the tank more clean looking.

This show the door and hidden fuge/filtration part of tank, As of right now there are just a few chunks of live rock in there but I'll be filling it half full with LR(live rock) and some Cheato.

This picture shows the fake wall where the water goes in threw these holes into refugeium then under the baffle and into the filtration and pump(this pump provides all the water circulation it needs)

So this tank has biological and mechanical filtration and that is really more then you need for this small of a tank.

Ok now for the lighting. This took me the longest to shop for, becuase I couldn't find anything I really wanted. I ended up with a coralife 18W light that fits my needs. The first thing I did was build a stand. It is what the whole tank sits on(made of wood and painted black)

The next thing I did was built two hanger things out of aluminium that turned out not bad and are drilled into the wood stand

Next thing was to hand the light in mid air. I did this because I wanted to look in the tank from the top and I made it rimless. So I took the light apart and drilled holes into it and bent and put in hooks. Then I simply used chain to attach the two. I'm not over pleased but it's doable

As of right now I have 3 occupants in this tank. Two blue legged hermit crabs and a very small mantis shrimp. And don't worry I know mantis eat hermits but the hermits are tto big and she(yes its a she) dosn't mess with them. I know this becuase one day I watched one of the crabs walk right into her home and she gently pushed the crab out and they both went about there day. She only has a taste for ghost shrimp and snails as she refuses anything else given to her. Really cool to watch her check out the hermit and say hi and then just chill next to them.

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Post by Guest » Wed Sep 12, 2007 10:14 am

I love it! The crabs don't need access to land at all? These are marine crabs?

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Post by Guest » Wed Sep 12, 2007 10:57 am

Yeah these are salt water hermit crabs they live totally in the water, If they were on land to long they would die.

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Post by Guest » Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:12 am

Also I forgot to put the price as anyone can do this it was dirt cheap.

Tank-free(10$ at petsmart) but I made it rimless and put in the acrylic walls
Wood for stand-10$
Aluminium for light hanger thing 20$
Plexiglass 5$
Red sea nano filter 10$
Hydor heater 21$
water pump 23ish(I kinda forget)
Light-40$-you don't have to use this light there are cheaper ones but I like the sleek look of corallife lights
3lb Live rock 27$
Small bad Live sand 14ish(again I kinda forget)
Hermit crabs 1$ each
Mantis Shrimp 39$(I wouldn't recommend you getting one unless you know what your doing, as larger one can break fingers)

Grant total about 180$ depending on what you use this can go done or up
with livestock 220$