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Post by HHIhermies1004 » Sun Aug 19, 2018 3:56 pm

I did a few revisions to my tank and added 2 PPs. I got a PM from a parent who was experiencing buyers remorse who came back from the beach with 2 Nickel size crabs. He said they were being kept a in the garage cause it was the most humid place in the house in one of those wire mesh carriers. It was only a 20 min drive so I rushed over because he said if no one came to pick them up it would go to goodwill or ship out to another state tomorrow whatever was easiest for him to do. I suspect good will doesn’t take wild animals so....As soon as I got them home they went into a 5 sec dip in FW quick mite inspection and into my 40 gallon. They didn’t waste any time and not even 5 mins they dug in to destress. I couldn’t even take a good picture of them. Perhaps one you can see one reflection of an eyeball. So I added a a long basket to hold my grasses and hay for them to climb and shred. A small hamster wheel a upper layer shell shop with climbing capability and new substrate. Just put in my protein and calcium rich food mix along with a bit of bee pollen and fruit just Incase anyone was hungry. The two will be named Elizabeth and Tia to go with my pirates of the Caribbean theme names. I took out my log that had mold and decided it would go in my outdoor garden which opened up valuable floor space. Once everyone is done molting and distressing I’ll be looking to get another tank to separate the PP’s and E’s

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