Marshawn presents me with another big chance

Where to post and/or get advice about your molting hermit crab(s). Includes pre-molting, molting, and post-molting issues.
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Marshawn presents me with another big chance

Post by crazycrabber » Sun Sep 14, 2014 4:59 am

So now marshawn pinch is molting, so i moved Dawn and Richirp Sherman. so now i have another chance at a successful molting experience. hopefully he doesn't take too long though, because he is on the big side. will have to order a pack of new massive shells, because after this molt i will have 2 jumbos, is my guess.
experience comes from this: Harvey (tarantula), flanders (cat), 2 pp hermit crabs, (marshawn pinch, and richard shermit), smallstress house hamster(hamster), baron purplemoon (fish).
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