Members: YOU MUST ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS to post in the ISO forums.

Where to post and/or get advice regarding ill hermit crab(s) that are NOT molting, streaking or dropping legs.
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Members: YOU MUST ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS to post in the ISO forums.

Post by Nicole » Thu Apr 02, 2009 3:34 am

Hello members, this is just a short questionnaire for you to copy and paste into your first ISO Forum post so that we can assist you with your crab(s) as quickly as possible. 1) How long have you had your crabs and how long have you been caring for this particular crab in distress?2) What size is your tank and what kind of lid do you have? 3) What are you using for heat? Please be specific and include fixture type, watt or mat size and where the heat source is mounted.4) What kind of substrate do you use in your tank and at what depth? Is it dry or damp and sand castle consistency?5) Do you dechlorinate your fresh water and if so, with what product? Do you offer aquarium salt water in addition to fresh water? Again, what product?6) What do you normally feed your crabs?7) Do you bathe, mist or handle your crabs at all?8) What are the temperature and humidity readings? Please be specific and include high low fluctuations if you're aware of them.Please also give us as detailed a description as possible of the current problem you're having with your crab(s) and include a description of his previous activity/behavior and current activity/behavior. Answering all of these questions honestly and in full will help us to help you! Thank you.
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