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Post by HCA Adoptions » Sun Jan 11, 2004 10:33 pm

Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi Adoptions
If you are looking to adopt hermit crabs, please make a small “want ad” here!

Read through this before posting:
[For Members Who Wish To Adopt:]

You must include your general location and how far you are willing to travel. If you are willing to pay for shipping, that would be a good thing to know as well. You should write about your experience with hermit crabs, your enclosure, and anything else you think an owner looking to rehome should know so that they choose you as their crabs’ new home. Remember to list how you would like owners and the Adoption Coordinator to contact you if PMs are not your first choice. Thank you!
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Re: GA, AL, MS

Post by tofuthecrabmom » Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:07 pm


Hi! I'm located about 30 miles north of ATL and am willing to travel up to 20 miles (though not out of state). I also spend a lot of time in Austell, and I can travel up to 30 miles from there as well. I have been taking care of hermit crabs for 8 years, and in that time I have seen each of my hermit crabs successfully molt at least three times. I have adopted hermit crabs from other members of the HCA because of this post before, if that eases your fears any :)

I currently have a 55gal with 5 PPs and 1 Blueberry! I’ve had 6 years of experience owning Eccies and Blueberries as well, but unfortunately I lost most of my crabs due to a 4 day long power outage in December 😭 I’m looking to adopt since my kids are used to living in a larger colony! I’m willing to adopt any kind of crab and if you need to get rid of extra supplies I won’t turn them down!

I prefer contact via email: linzmarie[dot]t23[at]gmail[dot]com

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Smyrna, Georgia (near Atlanta) willing to take in 1-2 crabs

Post by topbunkbear » Mon Apr 08, 2019 8:54 pm


Im willing to pay for shipping. I have a 10 gallon tank with 1 small crab (between the size of a nickel and a quarter) and 1 medium crab (bigger than a quarter, but not huge). I have pure Ecoearth substrate, 2x water dishes, uth on the side of the tank, pellets (to supplement with a diet of fruits, vegetables, a calcium block, and sometimes popcorn as a treat) I have 10+ shells of varying sizes, decor, and more. I'm not an expert, but I want to make crabs as happy as possible!
Email me at topbunkbear123 at

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Rockmart, GA (NW GA) have room for 12 or more

Post by Ciskiwitch » Mon Jan 13, 2020 3:15 pm


We live in Rockmart, GA. Last year we ended up with two hermit crabs that came from one of those beachy gift shops. It was a vacation buy by a family member for our two children. Before we made it back to the hotel, I had already debunked what shop owner told us about that tiny little box being all you would need. I hit Amazon and we had a 10 gallon tank, a box of EE bricks, water dechlorinator, a box of instant ocean, food and water dishes and some cholla wood waiting for us when we got home. After some further reading on the drive home I found a shop on Etsy that had been mentioned in several FB groups that sold gourmet hermit crab food. I promptly ordered one of everything she offered. (How else would I know what the little angels preferred?) Both crabs were in those horrid painted shells. I added a whole basket of appropriate shells in hopes they would change. To our delight one of them snagged a nice turbo right away. Unfortunately, the second one grabbed the first one’s discarded painted shell. Since then she has stubbornly refused any other shells. We are still trying. I order a batch of new shells every few weeks and rotate them all routinely. In the meantime, she will just have the brightest shell in the colony.


Since that time we have acquired a couple more crabs. So we upgraded the tank to a 55 gallon. We keep the 10 gallon for an isolation tank. I’ve got one molter in that one currently and 3 active in the 55 gallon. I have set up both tanks in my home office so I can keep a good eye on them while I work. I have plenty of room in the office to add more tanks, if necessary. I have been rescuing other animals ever since I could walk. My Dad used to tell people that we had funded a wing on our veterinarian’s office with my rescues. So, it stands to reason that providing a good home to crabs that need one would be my next step. I do want more crabs. I am kind of hooked on them. (ok, more than kind of.) I just do not want to support the industry by purchasing more.

Our crabs want for nothing. I am constantly reading crab lovers groups to see what else my babies might enjoy. They now have two bubbler pools, a little tree house to climb into, plants and wood to hide under and around. One of mine likes to start in the tree house on one end of the tank and then climb from plant to plant to get all the way to the other end before taking a dip in the tank. She would rather sit on top of the tree house rather than inside it, as you can see from the photos.




If you have crabs that need a good loving forever home, I would love to provide that. We live in NW Georgia, within reasonable driving distance of Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and even the Carolinas in a pinch.

** When I previewed the post the images did not show up. I am going to insert the links to the photos in dropbox here to see they are more easily viewed. ... g.jpg?dl=0 ... 9.jpg?dl=0 ... 2.jpg?dl=0 ... 3.jpg?dl=0

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Re: GA, AL, MS

Post by Wrendictive » Fri Sep 11, 2020 10:32 pm


Hi, I'm in Dunwoody, GA (North Atlanta). My mother gave in to a begging grandchild and purchased two hermits from a beach store without realizing how much care they actually need. I took them in a week ago and moved them from a tiny critter keeper to a 55 gallon tank with fresh food, sand/coco bedding, fresh and salt pools, hidey holes, and mesh for climbing.

Unfortunately, one of the poor little guys didn't make it. I think it was too stressed from the poor conditions it had previously. The other one seems to be recovering well and happy in the new home. But now it is alone with no mates.

I don't want to support the trade in wild animals being captured and sold, but I hate the idea of this lonely crab having no one to share it's new home with. I'd like to adopt two or three new friends.

I can travel approximately one hour from Atlanta to pick them up. Also, I am frequently in south Georgia (Tifton/Moultrie area). I could also meet near there.

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Auburn, AL

Post by Foxfire » Wed Nov 18, 2020 11:31 pm

Location (nearest large city, state, country): Auburn, Alabama
How Far Can You Travel?: Up to an hour. I'm also willing to pay for shipping.
Size of Tanks, Number of Crabs, and Species: 36 gallon tank, two (3/8" shell opening size) Purple Pinchers. Also a 20 gallon tank for isolation/temporary housing.
How Long Have You Been Crabbing?: About a month
What You Are Able to Adopt?: Up to 5 crabs, preferably medium or smaller unless they come with housing.
I Would Like to Be Contacted via Email or PM: email please: ashtonextraemail[at]
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Birmingham Metro Area - AL

Post by ejnolen » Wed Dec 09, 2020 8:44 pm


Location (nearest large city, state, country): Leeds, AL (Birmingham Metro)
How Far Can You Travel?: Up to 30 minutes distance from Leeds
Tank Specs: 29 gallon tank with sand/EE substrate of varying depths (6-10"), two UTHs keep temp ranges in the mid-80s, fresh water and salt pools that keep humidity ranges 85-95%, lots of empty shells, and three hides.
Number of Crabs and Species: 2 crabs - Leah (PP) and Gracie (E) - both approx 1/2" shell openings.
How Long Have You Been Crabbing?: Two years. Each of our crabs has successfully molted at least twice. Our original crab (RIP Kenna) had molted 4 times and passed during her 5th molt/unsuccessful shell exchange (the unfortunate victim of an ant invasion when the weather changed) - hence our search for a new playmate for the rest of our crew.
What You Are Able to Adopt?: I can accept one more crab with our current tank conditions - species doesn't really matter, though we prefer Ecuadorians because they're simply so much fun to watch. We would much rather adopt than purchase from a pet store!

A pic of our setup can be found at this Google Photo Album:
Contact preference is by email: ejnolen(at)gmail(d0t)com

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Re: Rockmart, GA (NW GA) have room for 12 or more

Post by MarLeigh » Sat Apr 03, 2021 7:54 pm

Hi, are you still looking to adopt hermit crabs? I live about 4 hours away from you in TN. This will sound crazy, but I've kind of lost count because I kept "rescuing" 1 or 2 here and there for people, and then I can't keep track since they bury, reemerge, bury, etc. And then you occasionally lose one during a molt and don't realize for months. I know that sounds crazy, but it's hard to keep track because I have a 4' x 4' x 2' crabitat with approximately 400 pounds of sand in it. I believe there are 8. Several of which I have had for approximately 14 years. I am willing to give you all the supplies, shells, food, and accessories I have, as well. I will travel to you.

Please email me Mairi.KirkATyouthvillages DOTorg if interested. I need to rehome them before the end of this month as I am moving.

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