Species Care Sheet: Aussie (Coenobita variabilis)

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Species Care Sheet: Aussie (Coenobita variabilis)

Post by HCADirectors » Sun Mar 10, 2013 4:01 pm

Aussie (Coenobita variabilis)

Other Common Names: Crazy Crab

Forum species nickname: Aussie (plural Aussies)

Below are the specialty characteristics of this species. For information on enclosures, housing size, diet, water needs and general care that apply to all species, please see our Crab Care Brochure, located here: viewtopic.php?t=92457

Description: Very similar in appearance to Es, though exportation outside of Australia has just started in very small numbers to specialty companies, so accidental discovery of this species in pet shops is impossible. One of two species (the other being straws) that are available in Australia. A smaller species with elongated eyes. Varies dramatically in color though most will be white or brown. Individuals who were yellow, orange, red, pink, purple and green have been found.

Native Habitat: Mangroves and dunes of Western Australia.

Temperatures: 80F to 90F degrees (26C to 32C), though they have been found to bask directly underneath heat lamps were temperatures were in excess of 120F degrees (48C).

Humidity: At least 70%, and higher is safe.

Diet: They appear to love both sea food and leaf litter.

Activity Level: Very Active.

Enclosure: They will spend just as much time climbing as they do digging, so space for both should be inlcuded. UVB lighting has been reported to increase activity levels.

Shells: Many of the shells they come in are native to Australia and not sold commercially. Many will move into turbo, macron, and various murex species. Like other species of hermit crab, they heavily modify the interior of their shells and are reluctant to move to a new shell.