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  • Emergencies

    If you are experiencing an emergency with your hermit crab(s), please take a few moments to register an account, and then create a new topic in the Emergency Forum. Our members will be able to help you more quickly if you include the answers to the questions located on the help request template.

    Hermit Crab Care Sheet

    New to hermit crabs, or wanting to learn more about their proper care? The basics can be found here:

    The Hermit Crab Association's Official Care Sheet


    Guides and Frequently Asked Questions

    We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and in-depth guides on the different aspects of hermit crab care. If you cannot find the answer to your question or if you have questions about any of the links below, please create a new topic in the appropriate forum section. If you are not sure where your question best fits, please use the Miscellaneous Forum.


  • Tank Size, Crab Size & How Many Can You Have
  • Safe Substrates, and Why It Needs to Be Deep
  • Lights for Heating, Viewing, and about UVB
  • Shells - Favorite Shells, Shells to Avoid and Identification
  • Humidity - Importance, Creating and Maintaining
  • Calibrating a Hygrometer

  • Food and Water

  • All About Water - Why to Use a Dechlorinator & How to Mix Saltwater
  • Why Store Bought Foods May Not Be A Good Choice
  • Hermit Crab Nutrition by Kilimajaro
  • List of Safe Foods
  • List of Unsafe and Unpopular Foods
  • My Hermit Crab Isn't Eating or Drinking!

  • Health

  • Post Purchase Syndrome, or Why Is My New Crab Sick?
  • Mites - The Good, the Bad, and What to Do
  • What to Do When a Crab Is Attacked
  • All About Molting
  • Is My Hermit Crab Molting or Dying?

  • Other Topics

  • What's that Bug in the Crabitat?
  • Isopod Care, Breeding, Application, and I.D.
  • Captive Breeding Information and Resources
  • Determining the Gender of Your Hermit Crab

  • Species Specific Care Information

    While all land hermit crabs have similar care requirements, each species is slightly different.

  • Purple Pincher (Coenobita clypeatus)
  • Ecuadorian (Coenobita Compressus)
  • Strawberry (Coenobita perlatus)
  • Ruggie (Coenobita rugosus)
  • Indonesian (Coenobita brevimanus)
  • Viola (Coenobita violascens)
  • Aussie (Coenobita variabilis)
  • Blueberry (Coenobita purpureus)

  • Species Identification

    Photos of species that are kept in captivity can be found on the Side-by-Side Image of All Species page. (Please note that this is an old resource that we are currently working on updating.) If you do not know what species your hermit crab is, or if you still aren't completely sure, please take photos of the eyes and also of the claw when the crab is closed into the shell and create a topic in the Pictures Forum. Our members will identify your hermit crab.

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