I think I have eggs?

This area is dedicated to the pioneers who have captive bred crabs, and for those who wish to learn more or attempt it themselves. Also for inquiring about the gender of your crabs.
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Re: I think I have eggs?

Post by Rawrgeous » Thu Feb 16, 2017 2:57 am

PinchersAndShells wrote:I may try if they end up dropping... I found a 25 watt 5 gallon water heater, and am wondering how well that would work if I used a vase or plastic fish bowl for holding the actual zoea. I think that should work especially since I won't have to fill up the tank all the way... as far as saltwater goes would instant ocean work? I can't afford to get them live food, so I think I will take after Renroc and try some kind of betta/fish flakes. If I remember correctly the steps to make a siphon for water changes is covered in a previous post I made. For water circulation I could steal the crab's air stone. Anything else?
I wouldn't usually suggest taking a crab out just because, but if you are curious try pulling her out and having her feet rest on a surface. Then slowly lift her up, and she will lean out of her shell to keep her feet on the surface. This may give you a chance to check if she has eggs or not. Of course, this may not always work, and you would want to be quick so you wouldn't stress her too much. Just an idea. :)