About to dig up SIX CRABS

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Re: About to dig up SIX CRABS

Post by Crabby7Crabber » Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:46 pm

Sorry if you answered this already, but did the one that molted in the iso recover? This was very interesting, so thanks for sharing :) Sorry about the E though :( I'd die if I lost mine, since he's my first crabbie that's not a PP :lol: When I first got him he was in a painted shell with horrible conditions at a Pet Supplies Plus. The conditions were horrible. I told myself I was getting one, but I picked up a PP and saw his cute little face, put him down for a moment, and then he was crawling on the E. I hyperventilated when I saw George Washington (my E), and then another active little PP came over. They all looked happy together, and the other three crabs were buried the best they could be in the 1 inch of substrate (ugh, I was boiling), so I got all of them. My little Hoodini (he's a dark red and purple PP, beautiful colors) loves his friends! It sounds like they're all having the best life they can <3 (Sorry for getting sidetracked, I do that sometimes :P ) Best wishes!
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